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DemoniK [hns]

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1DemoniK [hns] Empty DemoniK [hns] la data de Sam 04 Feb 2012, 9:31 am

:DDeMoNiK Cfg Have Fun Very Happy

name "DeMoNiK"
bind "w" "+forward; developer 1; fps_max 250; fps_modem 250"
bind "s" "+back; developer 1; fps_max 250; fps_modem 250"
bind "a" "+moveleft; developer 1; fps_max 250; fps_modem 250"
bind "d" "+moveright; developer 1; fps_max 250; fps_modem 250"
bind "ctrl" "+duck"
bind "mouse1" "+attack"
bind "mouse3" "attack2"
bind "SPACE" "+sprung"
bind "q" "lastinv"
bind "r" "+reload"
bind "shift" "walk_t"
bind "mwheelup" "+jump"
bind "mwheeldown" "+duck"
bind "h" "+commandmenu"

bind "1" "slot1"
bind "2" "slot2"
bind "3" "slot3"
bind "4" "slot4"
bind "5" "slot5"
bind "6" "slot6"
bind "7" "slot7"
bind "8" "slot8"
bind "9" "slot9"
bind "0" "slot10"

bind "t" "impulse 201"
bind "z" "radio1"
bind "x" "radio2"
bind "c" "radio3"
bind "o" "buyequip"
bind "g" "drop"
bind "m" "chooseteam"
bind "`" "toggleconsole"
bind "~" "toggleconsole"
bind "TAB" "+showscores"
bind "ESCAPE" "cancelselect"
bind "PAUSE" "PAUSE"
bind "=" "podbotmenu"
bind "y" "messagemode"
bind "u" "messagemode2"
bind "," "buyammo1"
bind "." "buyammo2"
bind "b" "buy"
bind "c" "+fU7.timmehslopes;defuser //hold down for flat"
bind "PgDn" "say /top15"
bind "F5" "snapshot"
bind "e" "+use"
bind "leftarrow" "cl_righthand 0"
bind "rightarrow" "cl_righthand 1"

bind "F3" "equip"
bind "F4" "grenazi"
bind "F5" "14"
bind "F6" "32"
bind "F7" "4144"
bind "F8" "4243"
bind "F12" "46"

No recoil )

set aim_NoRecoil 1
set aim_Silent 1
alias +dd "+duck;wait;-duck;wait;+duck"
alias -dd "-duck"


alias +bhop "alias _special @bhop;@bhop"
alias -bhop "alias _special"
alias @bhop "special;wait;+jump;wait;-jump"

alias walk_t "walk_on"
alias walk_on "alias walk_t walk_off; +speed; developer 1; echo Walking Eneable ; developer 0"
alias walk_off "alias walk_t walk_on; -speed; developer 1; echo Running Eneable ; developer 0"
//--Bunny Hop//
bind "space" "+bhop"
alias +bhop "alias _special @bhop;@bhop"
alias -bhop "alias _special"
alias @bhop "special;wait;+jump;wait;-jump"

jump bug script

alias echo_on "motdfile echo.txt"
alias echo_off "developer 1; motd; developer 0; motdfile motd.txt"
alias +JB "+jump; wait; +duck; wait; -jump"
alias -JB "-duck;+jump; wait; wait; wait; wait; wait; -jump"
alias JBon "bind v +JB; echo_on; motd_write Jump Bug Script Activated!; echo_off; bind HOME JBoff"
alias JBoff "unbind v; echo_on; motd_write Jump Bug Script Deactivated!; echo_off; bind HOME JBon"
bind HOME "JBoff"
bind v +JB


violence_ablood "100"
violence_hblood "100"
violence_agibs "100"
violence_hgibs "100"
volume "100"
suitvolume "100"
hisound "100"
bgmvolume "100"
MP3Volume "100"
_snd_mixahead "100"
voice_modenable "100"
voice_scale "100"
voice_enable "100"
voice_forcemicrecord "100"
voice_loopback "100"
s_a3d "100"
s_eax "100"
s_rolloff "100"
s_doppler "100"
s_distance "100"
s_automin_distance "100"
s_automax_distance "100"
s_distance "100"
s_min_distance "100"
s_max_distance "1000"
s_leafnum "100"
s_refgain "100"
s_refdelay "100"
s_polykeep "1000000000"
s_polysize "10000000"
s_numpolys "200"
s_bloat "100"
s_verbwet "100"

console "1"
fps_max "250"
fps_modem "250"
gamma "99"
brightness "99"
contimes "4"
net_graph "0"
net_scale "5"
net_graphpos "1"
net_graphwidth "120"
sv_voiceenable "1"
sv_aim "50"
hpk_maxsize "0.15"
viewsize "110"
ati_subdiv "2"
ati_npatch "1"
r_decals "1024"
r_bmodelhighfrac "5"
r_drawviewmodel "1"
r_mmx "1"
r_dynamic "0"
r_mirroralpha "0"
auto_aim "100"

gl_monolights "0"
gl_flipmatrix "0"
gl_overbright "0"
gl_polyoffset "1"
gl_max_size "512"
gl_cull "1"
gl_dither "1"
gl_picmip "0"
gl_spriteblend "1"
gl_keeptjunctions "0"
gl_affinemodels "0"
gl_playermip "5"
gl_dither "1"
gl_wateramp "0"
gl_lightholes "1"
gl_reporttjunctions "0"
gl_ztrick "1"
gl_flipmatrix "0"

max_smokepuffs "0"
max_shells "0"
mp_decals "300"
team ""
model ""
skin ""
topcolor "30"
bottomcolor "6"


setinfo _ah "1"
setinfo dm ""
setinfo ghosts "0"
setinfo model ""
setinfo friends ""
setinfo lefthand "0"
setinfo _vgui_menus "1"


cl_logocolor "#Valve_Brown"
cl_logofile "abs110"
cl_forwardspeed "320000"
cl_backspeed "320000"
cl_sidespeed "320000"
cl_yawspeed "320000"
cl_vsmoothing "10"
cl_updaterate "20"
cl_lw "1"
cl_lc "1"
cl_dlmax "128"
cl_himodels "0"
cl_resend "20"
cl_idealpitchscale "0.8"
cl_timeout "305"
cl_cmdbackup "20"
cl_download_ingame "1"
cl_allowdownload "1"
cl_allowupload "1"
cl_cmdrate "101"
cl_corpsestay "600"
cl_righthand "1"
cl_minmodels "0"
cl_crosshair_translucent "1"
cl_dynamiccrosshair "0"
cl_observercrosshair "0"
cl_bob "0"
cl_bobcycle "0"
cl_bobup "0"
cl_showfps "1"
cl_solid_players "1"
cl_upspeed "320"
cl_rate "25000"
cl_weather "0"
fakelag "0"
fakeloss "0"

sensitivity "3"
m_pitch "0.022"
m_yaw "0.022"
m_forward "1"
m_side "0.8"
m_filter "1"
zoom_sensitivity_ratio "1.2"


hud_takesshots "0"
hud_capturemouse "1"
hud_draw "1"
hud_fastswitch "1"
hud_centerid "1"
hud_saytext_time "10"
hud_deathnotice_time "15"
hud_drawhistory_time "0"

setinfo "dm" "0"
setinfo "ah" "0"
setinfo ghosts "0"
setinfo "vgui_menus" "0"
setinfo "_ah" "1"
setinfo "_vgui_menus" "0"

scr_conspeed "99999"
scr_centertime "3"
scr_printspeed "8"
scr_connectmsg "0"
scr_connectmsg1 "0"
scr_connectmsg2 "0"

con_notifytime "3"
con_color "280 250 280"

viewsize "120"
developer "1"
drawradar "1"
crosshair "1"
joystick "0"

lookspring "0"

fastsprites "1"
lambert "-1.01"
_cl_autowepswitch "1"
ex_interp "0.1"
rate "25000"
sensitivity 4


bind F2 "say: MUltumesc,Multumesc"
bind F3 "say: GG MIE"
bind F4 "say: I am Best Ori No ?"
bind F1 "say: EEEEEE A APARUT cfgul lui akira v4 Nu vil dau"
bind F5 "say: Vand cfgul meu v4 doar 1 euro"
sv_airaccelerate 100

alias sprung1 "alias _special sprung; sprung; alias sprungx sprung0"
alias sprung0 "alias _special; alias sprungx sprung1"
alias sprung "hax; wait; special"
alias hax "hax1"
alias hax1 "+jump;wait;-jump;alias hax hax2"
alias hax2 "+jump;wait;-jump;alias hax hax1"
alias +sprung "sprung1"
alias -sprung "sprung0"

bind "SPACE" "+sprung"

echo Cfg facut de -gReEn-
echo Just jump 285 + GL!

alias "ducker"
Bind "mouse3" "ducker"

bind w "+forward;developer 1;fps_modem 250;fps_max 250"
bind s "+back; developer 1; fps_max 250; fps_modem 250"
bind a "+moveleft;developer 1;fps_modem 250;fps_max 250"
bind d "+moveright;developer 1;fps_modem 250;fps_max 250"

alias "+h0p" "alias _special a;a"
alias "-h0p" "alias _special;-jump"
alias "a" "b;wait; special"
alias "b" "c"
alias "c" "+jump;alias b d"
alias "d" "-jump;alias b c"
bind "space" "+h0p"

bind "x" "say /heal"
bind "mouse2" "+attack2"

alias "+h0p" "alias _special a;a"
alias "-h0p" "alias _special;-jump"
alias "a" "b;wait; special"
alias "b" "c"
alias "c" "+jump;alias b d"
alias "d" "-jump;alias b c"
bind "space" "+h0p"

cl_yawspeed "400"

// Con color TEXT
alias green "con_color 0+255+0"
alias red "con_color 255+0+0"
alias yellow "con_color 255+255+0"
alias blue "con_color 0+0+255"
alias orange "con_color 255+165+0"
alias white "con_color 255+255+255"
alias black "con_color 0+0+0"
alias color "cl1"
alias cl1 "green; alias color cl2"
alias cl2 "red; alias color cl3"
alias cl3 "yellow; alias color cl4"
alias cl4 "blue; alias color cl5"
alias cl5 "orange; alias color cl6"
alias cl6 "white; alias color cl7"
alias cl7 "black; alias color cl1"

bind "MOUSE3" "color"

bind "CTRL" "+duck"
bind "SHIFT" "walk_t"
bind "/" "net_graph 3"


bind F1 "say DeMoNiK Cfg Versiunea 1.0 Very Happy"

Volume Script alias "volmin" "volume 0.0;d1;echo MINIMUM VOLUME;d0;alias volup vol01;alias voldn volmin"
alias "vol01" "volume 0.1;d1;echo Volume 05% |*__________________|;d0;alias volup vol02;alias
voldn volmin"
alias "vol02" "volume 0.2;d1;echo Volume 10% |_*_________________|;d0;alias volup vol03;alias
voldn vol01"
alias "vol03" "volume 0.3;d1;echo Volume 15% |__*________________|;d0;alias volup vol04;alias
voldn vol02"
alias "vol04" "volume 0.4;d1;echo Volume 20% |___*_______________|;d0;alias volup vol05;alias
voldn vol03"
alias "vol05" "volume 0.5;d1;echo Volume 25% |____*______________|;d0;alias volup vol06;alias
voldn vol04"
alias "vol06" "volume 0.6;d1;echo Volume 30% |_____*_____________|;d0;alias volup vol07;alias
voldn vol05"
alias "vol07" "volume 0.8;d1;echo Volume 35% |______*____________|;d0;alias volup vol08;alias
voldn vol06"
alias "vol08" "volume 1.0;d1;echo Volume 40% |_______*___________|;d0;alias volup vol09;alias
voldn vol07"
alias "vol09" "volume 1.3;d1;echo Volume 45% |________*__________|;d0;alias volup vol10;alias
voldn vol08"
alias "vol10" "volume 1.5;d1;echo Volume 50% |_________*_________|;d0;alias volup vol11;alias
voldn vol09"
alias "vol11" "volume 1.7;d1;echo Volume 55% |__________*________|;d0;alias volup vol12;alias //r//
voldn vol10"
alias "vol12" "volume 1.9;d1;echo Volume 60% |___________*_______|;d0;alias volup vol13;alias
voldn vol11"
alias "vol13" "volume 2.1;d1;echo Volume 65% |____________*______|;d0;alias volup vol14;alias
voldn vol12"
alias "vol14" "volume 2.3;d1;echo Volume 70% |_____________*_____|;d0;alias volup vol15;alias
voldn vol13"
alias "vol15" "volume 2.5;d1;echo Volume 75% |______________*____|;d0;alias volup vol16;alias
voldn vol14"
alias "vol16" "volume 2.9;d1;echo Volume 80% |_______________*___|;d0;alias volup vol17;alias
voldn vol15"
alias "vol17" "volume 3.2;d1;echo Volume 85% |________________*__|;d0;alias volup vol18;alias
voldn vol16"
alias "vol18" "volume 3.5;d1;echo Volume 90% |_________________*_|;d0;alias volup vol19;alias
voldn vol17"
alias "vol19" "volume 3.7;d1;echo Volume 95% |__________________*|;d0;alias volup volmax;alias
voldn vol18"
alias "volmax" "volume 4.0;d1;echo MAXIMUM VOLUME;d0;alias volup volmax;alias voldn vol19"
alias "volup" "vol03"
alias "voldn" "vol01"


rate "25000"
cl_rate "9999"
ex_interp "0.05"
cl_timeout "35"

echo Configu' Lui DeMoNiK
echo Incearca sa dai CJ
echo GooD LucK and HavE FuN
echo :X:X:X Primu Cfg

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