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Cfg foarte bun ;) 2z8bv910
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Cfg foarte bun ;)

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1Cfg foarte bun ;) Empty Cfg foarte bun ;) la data de Mar 16 Apr 2013, 9:30 pm



Salut azi va voi da un cfg bun zik io Wink
Sper sa va placa


// ____________ ____________
//*<=-------(pustyu 100%)-------=>*|~ [Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link] ~|*<=-------(pustyu 100%)-------=>*
// ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

/// ____ _ ____ _____ _ _
/// / ___|___ _ _ _ __ | |_ ___ _ __ / ___|_ _| __(_) | _____
/// | | / _ \| | | | '_ \| __/ _ \ '__|___\___ \ | || '__| | |/ / _ \
/// | |__| (_) | |_| | | | | || __/ | |_____|__) || || | | | < __>
/// \____\___/ \__,_|_| |_|\__\___|_| |____/ |_||_| |_|_|\_\___|
/// ---------------------------------------------------------------------
// ______ ______ ______
// / ____// ___// ____/\ <-><·>| c0nFiG by: |<·><->
// / /\___/ /\__/ /\___\/ ____ <-><·>| HJF |<·><->
// / /___ / __/\/ /_/ /\ /___/\ <-><·>| 2oo7 I 2o13 |<·><->
// /_____//__/\_\/_____/ / \___\/ <-><·>|L0v3 ThiS GamE|<·><->
// \_____\\__\/ \_____\/
// Counter-Strike Config
// Nick: "SNY"
// Name: "SRB"
// Clan: ------
// Clan #2: nGen #
// Clan #3: [P.K]
name FaRaSeNs
echo *********************************************
echo ** PraFF @@@@@@@@@@@ pustyu @@@@@@@@@@ PraFF **
echo *********************************************

// :: Binds
bind "TAB" "+showscores"
bind "ENTER" "+attack"
bind "ESCAPE" "cancelselect"
bind "'" "+moveup"
bind "+" "sizeup"
bind "," "buyammo1"
bind "-" "sizedown"
bind "." "buyammo2"
bind "/" "+movedown"
bind "0" "slot10"
bind "1" "slot1"
bind "2" "slot2"
bind "3" "slot3"
bind "4" "slot4"
bind "5" "slot5"
bind "6" "slot6"
bind "7" "slot7"
bind "8" "slot8"
bind "9" "slot9"
bind ";" "+mlook"
bind "=" "sizeup"
bind "[" "invprev"
bind "]" "invnext"
bind "`" "toggleconsole"
bind "a" "+moveleft"
bind "b" "buy"
bind "c" "radio3"
bind "d" "+moveright"
bind "e" "+use"
bind "f" "impulse 100"
bind "g" "drop"
bind "h" "+commandmenu"
bind "i" "showbriefing"
bind "j" "sentry_build"
bind "k" "+voicerecord"
bind "m" "chooseteam"
bind "n" "nightvision"
bind "o" "buyequip"
bind "q" "lastinv"
bind "r" "+reload"
bind "s" "+back"
bind "t" "impulse 201"
bind "u" "messagemode2"
bind "w" "+forward"
bind "x" "radio2"
bind "y" "messagemode"
bind "z" "radio1"
bind "o" "cl_righthand 1"
bind "p" "cl_righthand 0"
bind "~" "toggleconsole"
bind "UPARROW" "+forward"
bind "DOWNARROW" "+back"
bind "LEFTARROW" "+left"
bind "RIGHTARROW" "+right"
bind "ALT" "+strafe"
bind "CTRL" "+duck"
bind "SHIFT" "+speed"
bind "F1" "autobuy"
bind "F2" "rebuy"
bind "F5" "snapshot"
bind "F6" "save quick"
bind "F7" "load quick"
bind "F10" "quit prompt"
bind "INS" "+klook"
bind "END" "centerview"
bind "MWHEELDOWN" "invnext"
bind "MWHEELUP" "invprev"
bind "MOUSE1" "+attack"
bind "MOUSE2" "+attack2"
bind "PAUSE" "pause"
bind "MOUSE3" "+bhop"
bind "SPACE" "+jump"
bind "[" ": "name pustyu
bind "PGND" "say < -=R3 4all=- >
_cl_autowepswitch "1"
_snd_mixahead "0.1"
ati_npatch "1.0"
ati_subdiv "2.0"
bgmvolume "1.000000"
bottomcolor "6"
brightness "2"
cl_allowdownload "1"
cl_allowupload "1"
cl_backspeed "400"
cl_cmdbackup "2"
cl_cmdrate "30"
cl_corpsestay "600"
cl_crosshair_color "50 250 50"
cl_crosshair_size "small"
cl_crosshair_translucent "1"
cl_dlmax "128"
cl_download_ingame "1"
cl_dynamiccrosshair "0"
cl_forwardspeed "400"
cl_himodels "0"
cl_idealpitchscale "0.8"
cl_lc "1"
cl_logocolor "#Valve_Orange"
cl_logofile "lambda"
cl_lw "1"
cl_minmodels "0"
cl_radartype "0"
cl_righthand "1"
cl_shadows "1"
cl_timeout "300"
cl_updaterate "30"
cl_vsmoothing "0.05"
cl_weather "1"
con_color "255 180 30"
console "1"
crosshair "1.000000"
fastsprites "0"
fps_max "72.0"
fps_modem "0"
gamma "3"
gl_dither "1"
gl_flipmatrix "0"
gl_fog "1"
gl_monolights "0"
gl_overbright "0"
gl_polyoffset "0.1"
hisound "1"
hpk_maxsize "4"
hud_capturemouse "1"
hud_centerid "0"
hud_draw "1"
hud_fastswitch "1"
hud_saytext_internal "1"
hud_takesshots "0"
joystick "0"
lookspring "0.000000"
lookstrafe "0.000000"
m_filter "0"
m_forward "1"
m_pitch "0.022"
m_side "0.8"
m_yaw "0.022"
model "gordon"
MP3FadeTime "2.0"
MP3Volume "0.800000"
mp_decals "300"
net_graph "3"
net_graphpos "1"
net_scale "5"
r_bmodelhighfrac "5.0"
r_detailtextures "0"
rate 25000
s_a3d "0"
s_automax_distance "30.0"
s_automin_distance "2.0"
s_bloat "2.0"
s_distance "60"
s_doppler "0.0"
s_eax "0"
s_leafnum "0"
s_max_distance "1000.0"
s_min_distance "8.0"
s_numpolys "200"
s_polykeep "1000000000"
s_polysize "10000000"
s_refdelay "4"
s_refgain "0.4"
s_rolloff "1.0"
s_verbwet "0.25"
sensitivity "5.5"
skin ""
spec_autodirector_internal "1"
spec_drawcone_internal "1"
spec_drawnames_internal "1"
spec_drawstatus_internal "1"
spec_mode_internal "2"
spec_pip "0"
suitvolume "0.250000"
sv_aim "0"
sv_voiceenable "1"
team ""
topcolor "30"
viewsize "120.000000"
voice_enable "1"
voice_forcemicrecord "1"
voice_modenable "1"
voice_scale "0.750000"
volume "0.800000"

alias +jd "+jump;+duck"
alias -jd "-jump;-duck"


alias cls "wait; slot10; wait; slot10; wait; slot10; wait; slot10;wait; slot10; wait; slot10; wait; slot10; wait; slot10"

alias 11 "buy;wait;menuselect 1;wait;menuselect 1;wait;cls
alias 12 "buy;wait;menuselect 1;wait;menuselect 2;wait;cls
alias 13 "buy;wait;menuselect 1;wait;menuselect 3;wait;cls
alias 14 "buy;wait;menuselect 1;wait;menuselect 4;wait;cls
alias 15 "buy;wait;menuselect 1;wait;menuselect 5;wait;cls
alias 16 "buy;wait;menuselect 1;wait;menuselect 6;wait;cls

alias 21 "buy;wait;menuselect 2;wait;menuselect 1;wait;cls"
alias 22 "buy;wait;menuselect 2;wait;menuselect 2;wait;cls"
alias 31 "buy;wait;menuselect 3;wait;menuselect 1;wait;cls"
alias 32 "buy;wait;menuselect 3;wait;menuselect 2;wait;cls"
alias 33 "buy;wait;menuselect 3;wait;menuselect 3;wait;cls"
alias 34 "buy;wait;menuselect 3;wait;menuselect 4;wait;cls"
alias 35 "buy;wait;menuselect 3;wait;menuselect 5;wait;cls"
alias 41 "buy;wait;menuselect 4;wait;menuselect 1;wait;cls"
alias 42 "buy;wait;menuselect 4;wait;menuselect 2;wait;cls"
alias 43 "buy;wait;menuselect 4;wait;menuselect 3;wait;cls"
alias 44 "buy;wait;menuselect 4;wait;menuselect 4;wait;cls"
alias 45 "buy;wait;menuselect 4;wait;menuselect 5;wait;cls"
alias 46 "buy;wait;menuselect 4;wait;menuselect 6;wait;cls"
alias 47 "buy;wait;menuselect 4;wait;menuselect 7;wait;cls"
alias 48 "buy;wait;menuselect 4;wait;menuselect 8;wait;cls"
alias 51 "buy;wait;menuselect 5;wait;menuselect 1;wait;cls"

bind "KP_HOME" "mp5"
bind "KP_UPARROW" "sg552;aug"
bind "KP_PGUP" "defuser;defender"
bind "KP_LEFTARROW" "deagle; secammo"
bind "KP_5" "usp"
bind "KP_RIGHTARROW" "glock;elites"
bind "KP_END" "ak47; m4a1"
bind "KP_DOWNARROW" "awp"
bind "KP_PGDN" "g3sg1;krieg550"
bind "KP_ENTER" "vesthelm; vest"
bind "KP_INS" "hegren; flash; flash;sgren"
bind "KP_DEL" "primammo; secammo"

// ...::: CLOSE MENU aliAs :::...

alias KNF "wait; wait; wait; weapon_knife"
alias clz_men "wait;wait;slot10"
//alias clz_menu2 "wait;wait;slot10;wait;wait;slot10;wait;wait;slot10;wait;wait;slot10;wait;wait;slot10;wait;wait;slot10"
alias clz_menu "clz_men;clz_men;clz_men"

setinfo friends ""
setinfo _codename io
setinfo _
setinfo _
setinfo _

// ...::: FPS & Net_Graph T00gl3r :::...

alias fpdis fpsd1
alias fpsd1 "cl_showfps 1; alias fpdis fpsd2"
alias fpsd2 "cl_showfps 0; net_graph 3; alias fpdis fpsd3"
alias fpsd3 "net_graph 2; alias fpdis fpsd4"
alias fpsd4 "net_graph 1; alias fpdis fpsd5"
alias fpsd5 "net_graph 0; alias fpdis fpsd1"
//bind end "fpdis"

// ...::: AwP :::...

//alias +firespec "+attack;wait;wait;slot2"
//alias -firespec "-attack"
//alias modespec "g1"
//alias g1 "bind mouse1 +firespec;developer 1;echo AwP mod ENABLED;speak zero;developer 0"

//bind k "modespec"

alias vol0 "volume 0.0; developer 1 ; echo -=MUTE (__________)=-;developer 0; alias volup vol1; alias voldn vol0"
alias vol1 "volume 0.1; developer 1; echo -=Volume 10% (*_________)=-;developer 0; alias volup vol2; alias voldn vol0"
alias vol2 "volume 0.2; developer 1; echo -=Volume 20% (_*________)=-;developer 0; alias volup vol3; alias voldn vol1"
alias vol3 "volume 0.3; developer 1; echo -=Volume 30% (__*_______)=-;developer 0; alias volup vol4; alias voldn vol2"
alias vol4 "volume 0.4; developer 1; echo -=Volume 40% (___*______)=-;developer 0; alias volup vol5; alias voldn vol3"
alias vol5 "volume 0.5; developer 1; echo -=Volume 50% (____*_____)=-;developer 0; alias volup vol6; alias voldn vol4"
alias vol6 "volume 0.6; developer 1; echo -=Volume 60% (_____*____)=-;developer 0; alias volup vol7; alias voldn vol5"
alias vol7 "volume 0.7; developer 1; echo -=Volume 70% (______*___)=-;developer 0; alias volup vol8; alias voldn vol6"
alias vol8 "volume 0.8; developer 1; echo -=Volume 80% (_______*__)=-;developer 0; alias volup vol9; alias voldn vol7"
alias vol9 "volume 0.9; developer 1; echo -=Volume 90% (________*_)=-;developer 0; alias volup vol10;alias voldn vol8"
alias vol10 "volume 1.0;developer 1; echo Volume -=MAX (_________*)=-;developer 0; alias volup volmax;alias voldn vol9"
alias volmax "developer 1; echo MAXIM; developer 0"
alias volup vol6
alias voldn vol2

// ...::: BurSt T00gl3r (OptIoNaL) :::...

alias "zmc" "+attack;wait;-attack;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"
alias battack2 "zmc;zmc"
alias battack3 "zmc;zmc;zmc"
alias rafal rafala1
alias rafala2 "bind mouse1 battack2;echo 2 Focuri; alias rafal rafala2;speak two"
alias rafala3 "bind mouse1 battack3;echo 3 Focuri; alias rafal rafala3;speak three"
alias rafala1 "bind mouse1 +attack;echo 1 Foc; alias rafal rafala1;speak one"

alias meci-set "wait4; admin_rcon mp_fadetoblack 0; wait4; admin_rcon mp_maxrounds 100; wait4; admin_rcon mp_startmoney 800; wait4; admin_rcon mp_freezetime 9; wait4"

alias meci-lame "admin_rcon sv_restart 1; svinit; wait1s; admin_say Prepare for KNIFE ROUND; wait1s; admin_say Teams get ready to start; admin_rcon sv_restart 1; wait1s; admin_say GL and HF both teams; admin_rcon sv_restart 5; wait5s; admin_say Knife ROUND is ON. Drop your weapon and/or bomb at home!"

alias meci-arme "admin_rcon sv_restart 1; svinit; wait1s; admin_say 1st RESTART; wait1s; admin_say Teams get ready to start; admin_rcon sv_restart 1; wait1s; admin_say 2nd RESTART; wait1s; admin_say GL and HF both teams; admin_rcon sv_restart 5; wait5s; admin_say PGL GAME IS ON !"

alias 1warmup "wait4; admin_fadetoblack 0; wait4; admin_maxrounds 0; wait4; admin_roundtime 1.75; wait4; admin_startmoney 16000; wait4; admin_freezetime 5; wait4"
alias warmup "admin_restart 1; 1warmup; wait1s; admin_say WARM ROUND;admin_fadetoblack 0"

bind "r" "+sayrel"
alias "+sayrel" "+reload; echo <>"
alias "-sayrel" "-reload"

bind "MWHEELDOWN" "+jump"
bind "MWHEELUP" "+duck"

alias "+cj" "+jump; +duck; slot10"
alias "-cj" "-jump; -duck"
bind "space" "+cj"

alias +hop "alias _special hopf;hopf"
alias -hop "alias _special slot10"
alias hopf "special;wait;+jump;wait;-jump"
bind space "+hop"
// GFX

r_mmx 1
r_bmodelhighfrac "5.0"
r_decals "300"
r_drawviewmodel "1"
r_drawentities "1"
r_mirroralpha "1"
r_wateralpha "1"
r_dynamic "1"
r_novis "0"

// Walk \\

alias walk "+speed; alias wr run; echo walking;"

alias run "-speed; alias wr walk; echo running;"

alias wr "walk"

bind "shift" "wr"
bind mouse1 "+attack"
voice_scale "1.000000"

bind space "+bhop"
alias +bhop "alias _special @bhop;@bhop"
alias -bhop "alias _special"
alias @bhop
alias @bhop "special;wait;+jump;wait;-jump"

// Sound

bind "kp_plus" "volup"
bind "kp_minus" "voldn

alias w3 "wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"
alias w2 "wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"
alias wl "w2;w2"
alias w6 "wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"
alias rr1 "admin_restartround 1;w;w;w;admin_restartround 1;w;w;w;admin_restartround 5;wl;wl;wl;wl;wl;wl;wl;wl;wl"
alias l1 "admin_ssay [Live----------------------------------------Live];w6"
alias l2 "admin_ssay [-Live--------------------------------------Live-];w6"
alias l3 "admin_ssay [--Live------------------------------------Live--];w6"
alias l4 "admin_ssay [---Live----------------------------------Live---];w6"
alias l5 "admin_ssay [----Live--------------------------------Live----];w6"
alias l6 "admin_ssay [-----Live------------------------------Live-----];w6"
alias l7 "admin_ssay [------Live----------------------------Live------];w6"
alias l8 "admin_ssay [-------Live--------------------------Live-------];w6"
alias l9 "admin_ssay [--------Live------------------------Live--------];w6"
alias l11 "admin_ssay [---------Live----------------------Live---------];w6"
alias l12 "admin_ssay [----------Live--------------------Live----------];w6"
alias l13 "admin_ssay [-----------Live------------------Live-----------];w6"
alias l14 "admin_ssay [------------Live----------------Live------------];w6"
alias l16 "admin_ssay [-------------Live--------------Live-------------];w6"
alias l17 "admin_ssay [--------------Live------------Live--------------];w6"
alias l18 "admin_ssay [---------------Live----------Live---------------];w6"
alias l19 "admin_ssay [----------------Live--------Live----------------];w6"
alias l21 "admin_ssay [-----------------Live------Live-----------------];w6"
alias l22 "admin_ssay [------------------Live----Live------------------];w6"
alias l23 "admin_ssay [-------------------Live--Live-------------------];w6"
alias l24 "admin_ssay [------------------Live----Live------------------];w6"
alias l25 "admin_ssay [-----------------Live------Live-----------------];w6"
alias l26 "admin_ssay [----------------Live--------Live----------------];w6"
alias l27 "admin_ssay [---------------Live----------Live---------------];w6"
alias l28 "admin_ssay [--------------Live------------Live--------------];w6"
alias l29 "admin_ssay [-------------Live--------------Live-------------];w6"
alias l31 "admin_ssay [------------Live----------------Live------------];w6"
alias l32 "admin_ssay [-----------Live------------------Live-----------];w6"
alias l33 "admin_ssay [----------Live--------------------Live----------];w6"
alias l34 "admin_ssay [---------Live----------------------Live---------];w6"
alias l35 "admin_ssay [--------Live------------------------Live--------];w6"
alias l36 "admin_ssay [-------Live--------------------------Live-------];w6"
alias l37 "admin_ssay [------Live----------------------------Live------];w6"
alias l38 "admin_ssay [-----Live------------------------------Live-----];w6"
alias l39 "admin_ssay [----Live--------------------------------Live----];w6"
alias l41 "admin_ssay [---Live----------------------------------Live---];w6"
alias l42 "admin_ssay [--Live------------------------------------Live--];w6"
alias l43 "admin_ssay [-Live--------------------------------------Live-];w6"
alias l44 "admin_ssay [Live----------------------------------------Live];w6"
alias l45 "admin_ssay [ The Game Is On ];w6"
alias l46 "admin_ssay [ GL & HF ];w6"
alias l47 "admin_ssay [ Say Team Only ];w6"
alias l "l1;l2;l3;l4;l5;l6;l7;l8;l9;l11;l12;l13;l14;l15;l16;l17;l18;l19;l21;l22;l23;l24;l25;l26;l27;l28;l29;l31;l32;l33;l34;l35;l36;l37;l38;l39;l41;l42;l43;l44;l45;l46"
bind pgup "l"
// :: Admin-Comenzi
alias "ff0" "admin_rcon mp_friendlyfire 0"
alias "ff1" "admin_rcon mp_friendlyfire 1"
alias "imn0" "admin_rcon admin_ignore_immunity 0"
alias "imn1" "admin_rcon admin_ignore_immunity 1"
alias "hl1" "admin_rcon admin_highlander 1"
alias "hl0" "admin_rcon admin_highlander 0"
alias cutite "admin_rcon sv_restart 1;wait1s; admin_say Prepare for KNIFE ROUND ;wait3s; admin_say Teams get ready to start;admin_tsay green Prepare for KNIFE ROUND; wait2s; admin_rcon sv_restart 3;wait3s; admin_say GoodLuck and HaveFuN both teams; wait1s;admin_tsay green Good Luck and HaVe FuN both teams; wait3s; admin_rcon sv_restart 5; wait5s; admin_say Knife ROUND is ON. Drop your weapon and/or bomb at home!; wait1s; admin_tsay green Knife ROUND is ON. Drop your weapon and/or bomb at home!"
alias start "admin_rcon sv_restart 1;wait1s; admin_say 1st RESTART ;wait1s; admin_say Teams get ready to start; wait1s; admin_tsay green Teams get ready to start!; wait2s; admin_rcon sv_restart 3; wait3s; admin_say 2nd RESTART; wait1s; admin_say Good Luck and HaVe FuN both teams; wait1s; admin_tsay green Good Luck and HaVe FuN both teams!!; wait2s; admin_rcon sv_restart 5;wait5s; admin_say GAME IS ON; wait3s; admin_tsay green XGL GAME IS ON; wait3s; admin_csay XGL GAME IS ON"
alias timp "admin_rcon mp_buytime 60"
alias blackoff "admin_rcon mp_fadetoblack 0"
alias black "admin_rcon mp_fadetoblack 1"
alias high0 "admin_rcon admin_highlander 0"
alias high1 "admin_rcon admin_highlander 1"
alias res "admin_restart 1"
alias live "admin_restart 1 [LivE --- LivE --- LivE]Game IS ON !! FIGHT !! GL&HF.::.GL&HF.::.GL&HF StarT"
alias free "admin_rcon mp_freezetime 0"
alias fun "admin_fun 0"
alias lame "admin_tsay Lame all Nu mai lung / Knife Only Lung all : Drop you weapons/bomb in Baza "
alias bal "admin_balance 1; BINDING"
alias "ares" "admin_rcon sv_restartround 1;admin_tsay Good Luck & HaVe FuN !;"
alias "ares1" "admin_rcon sv_restart 1;admin_say 1 ST restart;"
alias "ares2" "admin_rcon sv_restart 3;admin_say 2 ND restart;"
alias "ares3" "admin_rcon sv_restart 5;admin_say 3 RD restart;admin_tsay green PGL GAME IS ON;
alias "meci1" "admin_rcon mp_roundtime 1.75; admin_rcon mp_friendlyfire 1;wait;wait;wait;admin_rcon mp_startmoney 800;wait;wait;wait;admin_rcon mp_tkpunish 0;wait;wait;wait;admin_rcon mp_buytime 0.15;wait;wait;wait;"
alias "meci2" "admin_rcon mp_maxrounds 0;wait;wait;wait;admin_rcon mp_c4timer 35;wait;wait;wait;admin_rcon mp_fadetoblack 0;wait;wait;wait;admin_rcon mp_forcecamera 2;wait;wait;wait;"
alias "meci3" "admin_rcon mp_timelimit 0;wait;wait;wait;admin_rcon mp_autokick 0;wait;wait;wait;admin_rcon sv_airaccelerate 10;wait;wait;wait;admin_rcon mp_freezetime 10;wait;wait;wait;admin_rcon mp_autoteambalance 0;wait;wait;wait; admin_restart 1 LiVe LiVe : GL&HF.::.GL&HF.::. GL&HF.::. GL&HF.::. ;wait;wait;wait;"
alias "sal" say "Sal all"
alias "pa" say "Pa all"
alias "win" "admin_tsay purple May The BEST TEAM WiN !! GAME IS ON !! FIGHT"
alias "x2" "say_team" "[--X2--X2--X2--] FasT FasT"
alias "x1" "say_team" "[--X1--X1--X1--] FasT FasT"
alias "sc" "say_team" "[--ScArA--ScArA--ScArA--] FasT FasT"
alias "lg" "say_team" "[--LunG--LunG--LunG--] FasT FasT"
alias "r1" "admin_tsay red 1.Nu V@ @m3n1nt@t1 1ntr3 vo1 c@ av3t1 Co@d3 ( KICK )"
alias "r2" "admin_tsay red 2.TeRo PuN3 BmB Si Ct TiNe X-URILE ( KICK )"
alias "r3" "admin_tsay red 3.D@k Nu R3sp3ct@t1 R3gu|1|3 D3 M@i SuS Sunt3t1 Rug@t1 S@ P@r@s3@sc@ S3rv3r`u|( Execute TeaM )"


bind "MOUSE3" "+bhop"
alias +bhop "alias _special @bhop;@bhop"
alias -bhop "alias _special"
alias @bhop "special;wait;+jump;wait;-jump"


alias w2 "wait; wait"
alias w3 "w2; wait"
alias w4 "w2; w2"
alias w5 "w3; w2"
alias qpist "slot2; w2; +attack; w2; -attack"

alias +bombjump "qpist; w5; +attack; w5; w5; +reload; w5; w5; w5; weapon_c4; w5; w5; +jump"
alias -bombjump "-attack; w5; w5; w5; w5;-reload; w5; w5; w5; w5; w5; w5; w5; -jump"

bind "v" "+bombjump"


alias "+ar" "alias +togreload +togreload1; wait; +attack"
alias "-ar" "-attack"
alias "rslot1" "alias +togreload +togreload1; slot1"
alias "rslot2" "alias +togreload +togreload1; slot2"
alias "+togreload" "+togreload1"
alias "-togreload" "-togreload1"
alias "+togreload1" "+reload; alias -togreload -togreload1; alias +togreload togreload2"
alias "-togreload1" "-reload"
alias "togreload2" "weapon_knife; wait; lastinv; alias -togreload ; alias +togreload +togreload1"

bind "1" "rslot1"
bind "2" "rslot2"
bind "g" "alias +togreload +togreload1; drop"
bind "q" "alias +togreload +togreload1; lastinv"
bind "r" "+togreload"
bind "MOUSE1" "+ar"
bind "MWHEELDOWN" "alias +togreload +togreload1; invnext"
bind "MWHEELUP" "alias +togreload +togreload1; invprev"

alias +silentdefuse "+use; wait; -use; wait; +use; wait; -use; wait; +use"
alias -silentdefuse "-use"

bind "e" +silentdefuse

//--Airaccelerate jump--\\
Alias +sjmp "alias _special smp2;smp2;smp2"
alias -sjmp "alias _special"
alias smp2 "+forward;wait;-forward;+back;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;-back;wait;special;"

bind x "+sjmp"

//--Airaccelerate jump--\\

Alias +sjmp "alias _special smp2;smp2;smp2"
alias -sjmp "alias _special"
alias smp2 "+forward;wait;-forward;+back;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;-back;wait;special;"

bind x "+sjmp"

volume 1
play vox/activated
play fvox/activated
volume 1

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